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Jaipur...The Pink City

I have never thought of going to Jaipur despite having lived in Delhi for so long. There is a phrase it says, You are not able to understand its value until you feel it yourself. I felt the same when I went to visit JAIPUR. I am in love with this city, I can say it now.

We all know, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and a place of royal family once ruled there so you can imagine there are so many historical places to visit. It was one of the ancient planned cities of India. From national capital, it is located 268 km.
I have started my journey early morning. On the way to Jaipur, at Manesar, there is a kind of food court, open after 11am, so if you are traveling early morning, carry some food because when we went, there was no open shop.

We took a hotel in MI Road, it is a posh area of Jaipur and the hotel was also good, ROYAL ORCHID CENTRAL. Streets of this city are outstanding, so clean and well maintained. We booked scooty and bikes online for side scene. For one day cost, 300 to…
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Auli a Himalayan Ski Resort

Last year 2018 December, me and my friends were planning to go to some icy-cold places where we can relax and enjoy the taste of chilly snowy surroundings. I have heard about a place but not so familiar. My friend suggests us to go to Auli, Uttarakhand a Himalayan Ski hill station surrounded by Nanda Devi, Nar Parvat mountain and beautiful Oak forest.

As the place is famous for winter destination and skiing slopes, so the best time to visit Auli between December to February for adventure lovers. when I was there I didn't get that much snow but it was too cold, I also noticed so many people were there to visit for camping but I personally feel for Camping in Auli, you can go there at the time of summer.

We started our journey from Delhi at night 8PM on the 28th of December by car and next morning at 4am we took a hotel in Dev Prayag to rest after a long drive, Dev Prayag comes after Rishikesh, a Sangam of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi river Shows a beautiful view, looks great from the …

Tosh Valley...A Vision of Heaven

One thing we cannot deny, people who live in North India have the advantage to discover the flavor of hilly areas Like Tosh villagein Himachal Pradesh. This village is situated on the hill near Kasol in the Parvati Valley take itself an outstanding scenic view. 
This is another experience I am going to share with you. For three to four days it is a good choice to travel here with your family or friends. If you are in a group then it is better to take a personal car, cab or tempo traveler from Delhi. If you travel by bus then there is a break journey but it is not a big deal. Take a bus from Delhi to Manali and deboard at Bhuntar, in between, you can take a one day halt in Kasol. Next morning make a fresh start all the way to Tosh and it is the best option for those people who love trekking can enjoy the whimsical view of the hilly road.

On 21st December 2017, I got the opportunity to explore Tosh Valley, recently gained popularity for its breathtaking view. Best time to go Tosh in betwe…

Lost in somewhere like Siliserh Lake

A city like Delhi utters its characteristic loud cry surrounded by people, good food and lots of amazing places to visit But when it comes to finding a peaceful relaxing place then hardly an option. I am basically from Kolkata but as I shifted to Delhi, I always want to visit places near Delhi. One year back my friends were planning to go some tranquil spot 200 km near Delhi and we got this place Siliserh lake at Alwar, Rajasthan. We started searching over the internet and found something interesting about this place.
We booked a hotel from MakeMyTrip and Next morning 10th March 2018 we packed our bags and started our drive early morning 6am. We had our breakfast at KFC on the way to Alwar. I remember I took a photo and posted it on Instagram “having breakfast at KFC". There are so many options, so guys for good food not to worry, you can easily get it here in Manesar. 
Next 3 to 4 hrs we reached our destination. The location is just like World of wonder and hotel location is magni…

My Trip to Vaishno Devi, Jammu

Writing about travel was not my passion before. But I started gaining interest when I see people writing about their visit to lovely places. My boundary was limited to Facebook and Instagram, like many other people. Most of them are too limited to social networks because they actually cannot find a way to express themselves or they are too busy with their Job life, their family and many other things. But without a happy face life is not “life”, right? People should do what they want not for others happiness but for themselves. I built my interest when I actually fell in love with the beauty of nature. When you hit yourself with nature, only then you can realize.
Today I will share with you my experience on my trip to Jammu, situated by the Himalayan foothills. Jammu looks splendid and beautiful and also called a city of the temples, so I took one of the famous ancient temples of Hindu goddess “VAISHNO MATA TEMPLE”, to visit, as the temple is situated on the lap of the mountain, Trikuta…

SARISKA...a short adventurous trip

Hey guys...This is your new friend searching for a space in this big world. I am here to show you something interesting as I have created my new blog GETsetGO so you guys must be thinking it is indicated to get ready to go somewhere or GETsetGO advice you to go to some exciting place where you can find yourself and do some never doing things 😊.
We the human being has a tendency to go here and there on their weekend especially those guys who stay outside their home because they have the best chance to explore the nature of the amazing world. when I was planning to stay out of the home, I was wondering how people go anywhere, What is the reason, why people spend so much money on traveling. But when I started traveling, I actually got the answer of WHY!!!
Nowadays people love to travel with their close friends, colleagues or solo, I am not saying that people don't love to go with their family but you know we feel more freedom more space when our friends with it?
I have star…